Resort Ranch Marina

After numerous bad experiences with flood damage and inferior dock builders, Resort Ranch Marina came to Dock Works of Lake Travis to design and build this custom marina to withstand floods.

This marina was originally custom built by a national dock builder. During the last two flooding events on Lake Travis the marina was swept downstream. After the flood of October 2018, it suffered extensive damage when it got loose and slammed into several private docks and an HOA marina. As a result, the owner's insurance company cancelled coverage and he seriously questioned whether or not to rebuild it.

He came to Dock Works looking for a better more flood proof design and a guarantee that it wouldn’t be swept downstream again. After extensive research, including topographical underwater maps and water pressure/force metrics, a new design was engineered.

The re-designed marina was completed in the summer of 2019 and he was back in business, with full coverage insurance.

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